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In these times of profound human and planetary transformations, with the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, the Heart's Voice workshops adjust to keep creating magical moments on technological platforms such as Zoom (or Skype on request). One-to-One Sessions and Group Workshops are offered.


This One-to-One session is a sacred space to CONNECT WITH your heart, with the love of your Self; then Listen and Feel the vibration of your Silence, your Breath, your Voice, and the chant that emerges; and feel the HEART'S VOICE that resonates in you, in all the cells of your body. It is the POWERFUL VIBRATION revealing who you really are beyond judgments, conditionings and traumas. A healing moment deep within your Self!

It is a 75 min. or a 30 min. session on video call Zoom (or Skype on request). To Book one or more One-to-One session(s), click on the Book Now tab and on To Book one or more One-to-One session(s) 75 min. or 30 min.

Following the session, you will be able to use the Self discovery tools that you will have experienced.


You are invited to deepen the experience of SELF CONNECTION in relationship TO THE OTHER, whether it is one person or the people of the group; to deepen also the Listening, the Silence, the feeling of the vibration of your Breath, of your Voice and to practice simples techniques of Vocal Improvisation; with which you will CREATE YOUR IMPROVISED SONGS FROM THE HEART. By being seen, heard and recognized without judgement, you will discover the healing power of the group.

New group workshops will be available soon online on Zoom. To participate in the workshops, no vocal or musical experience is required.


For now the workshops are taking place online, both at your home and at the Voix du coeur studio in Val-David *, on video call Zoom (or Skype on request for one or more One-to-One Session(s).

* Voix du Coeur (Heart’s Voice) Studio is located one hour north of Montreal in Val-David, a small village with a unique creative environment of artists and artisans in the mountains of the superb Laurentian region.

Lodging, if needed, is available nearby at local inns and B & B’s, where your hosts are ready to give you a warm and friendly welcome in their picturesque establishments that offer enchanting panoramic views.

Inns and Restaurants

Auberge du Vieux foyer
($98 and up per person, 2 meals included)
3157, ch. du 1er rang Doncaster, Val-David
(819) 322-2686, 1-800-567-8327

Youth Hostel

Le Chalet Beaumont
($25 for dormitory, $65 and up for double occupancy)
1451, rue Beaumont, Val-David
(819) 322-1972

B & B

La maison de Bavière
($75 to $125 for two people with a healthy breakfast)
1470, chemin de la rivière, Val-David
(819) 322-3528, 1-866-322-3528
Special reduction of $10 per room for participants of Voix du Coeur (Heart’s Voice) workshops


La maison de Bavière
($90 to $150 for 2 people, minimum 2 nights)
1470, chemin de la rivière, Val-David
(819) 322-3528, 1-866-322-3528

P.S. Rates are subject to change.



To cancel a one-to-one session or group workshop, you must give a 24 hour notice, otherwise your payment will not be refunded. Chantal Drapeau, Voix du Coeur (Heart’s Voice), reserves the right to cancel workshops if necessary. In that case, your payment for a one-to-one session or workshop will be refunded in its entirety.

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