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Workshops are offered in the following formats : group, one-to-one session or custom-made. Currently, three types of group workshops are available: AWAKENING OF THE HEART’S VOICE, HEART’S VOICE / HEART’S SONG and HEART’S VOICE CHORAL TRAINING. The length of these group workshops varies between ONE DAY (6 hours), a HALF DAY (3 hours) or a two day WEEKEND (12 hours). No prior musical experience is required to participate in any of the workshops.



resonating in harmony with Life

In this initiatory workshop of Awakening of the Heart’s Voice, you are guided to sing freely and fearlessly the spontaneous sound of your full power and to discover the wisdom of your voice, by listening to silence from which emerges the deep sound and breath of sacred and improvised songs in an inspired atmosphere of trust and non-judgement.

The workshop concludes with an intimate Voix de Coeur (Heart’s Voice) concert at the end of the day, so that we sing all together far beyond the limits of our beliefs, where each person has the opportunity to be fully present, heard, respected and honoured.
You will discover the Heart’s Voice that sings within you!




This is a workshop that trains you to sing both sacred and improvised songs from the heart, to become the witness that consciously observes the different voices of your emotions, to connect with the oneness that is in each of us, to resonate in harmony with Life.
You will hear the power of your Heart’s Song!



creating a world that resonates in harmony with Life


See description of Heart’s Voice Choral Training in the Calendar under Upcoming Workshops and Events



These sessions provide an opportunity for you to explore your voice using Self-discovery tools and/or experience your Heart’s Voice resonating with your life, and /or deepen training from group workshops. They are ONE AND A HALF HOURS long.


This is an occasion to bring Voix du Coeur (Heart’s Voice) into your milieu, to give yourself a powerful Self-expression workshop based on your specific exploration requirements. Custom-made workshops are offered to groups of a minimum of 15 people and are a HALF DAY (minimum of three hours) long.


Workshops are held at Voix du Coeur (Heart’s Voice) Studio in Val David * surrounded by nature; or upon request in your milieu; or at your home on video call (Skype) via the Internet for a one-to-one session.

* Voix du Coeur (Heart’s Voice) Studio is located one hour north of Montreal in Val-David, a small village with a unique creative environment of artists and artisans in the mountains of the superb Laurentian region.

Lodging, if needed, is available nearby at local inns and B & B’s, where your hosts are ready to give you a warm and friendly welcome in their picturesque establishments that offer enchanting panoramic views.

Inns and Restaurants

Auberge le Creux du Vent
($97 for two people with breakfast)
1430, rue de l’Académie, Val-David
(819) 322-2280, 1-866-522-2280

Auberge du Vieux foyer
($98 and up per person, 2 meals included)
3157, ch. du 1er rang Doncaster, Val-David
(819) 322-2686, 1-800-567-8327

Auberge Prema Shanti
($129 and up for two people with breakfast)
1005, Tour du Lac, Val-David
(819) 322-2345

Youth Hostel

Le Chalet Beaumont
($25 for dormitory, $65 and up for double occupancy)
1451, rue Beaumont, Val-David
(819) 322-1972

B & B

La maison de Bavière
($75 to $125 for two people with a healthy breakfast)
1470, chemin de la rivière, Val-David
(819) 322-3528, 1-866-322-3528
Special reduction of $10 per room for participants of Voix du Coeur (Heart’s Voice) workshops


La maison de Bavière
($90 to $150 for 2 people, minimum 2 nights)
1470, chemin de la rivière, Val-David
(819) 322-3528, 1-866-322-3528

P.S. Rates are subject to change.



To reserve your place in a one-day or weekend workshop, a non-refundable deposit is required. The balance is due at the beginning of the workshop.
To reserve a custom-made workshop, a non-refundable deposit is also required. The balance is due at the end of the workshop.
To reserve your place in Heart’s Voice Choral Training, you must complete and return the registration form to chantaldrapeau@voixducoeur.ca.
Chantal Drapeau of Voix du Coeur (Heart’s Voice) reserves the right to cancel workshops if necessary. In that case, your deposit for a one-day or weekend workshop will be reimbursed in its entirety; for Heart’s Voice Choral Training, the workshop date(s) will be rescheduled for a later time.
To cancel a one-to-one session, you must give 24 hours advance notice, otherwise you will be charged the total fee.

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