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This One-to-One session is a sacred space to CONNECT WITH your heart, with the love of your Self; then Listen and Feel the vibration of your Silence, your Breath, your Voice, and the chant that emerges; and feel the HEART'S VOICE that resonates in you, in all the cells of your body. It is the POWERFUL VIBRATION revealing who you really are beyond judgments, conditionings and traumas. A healing moment deep within your Self! It is a 75 min. or a 30 min. session on video call Zoom (or Skype on request).

Following the session, you will be able to use the Self discovery tools that you will have experienced.

To Book one or more One-to-One session(s) - 75 min or 30 min.


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One-to-One Session - 75 min.
One-to-One Session - 30 min.


New group workshops will be available soon online on Zoom. To participate in the workshops, no vocal or musical experience is required.

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