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The Heart’s Voice is the sound of spontaneous Self-expression that arises from who we truly are, as simple and natural as breathing.

The Heart’s Voice exists beyond the fear of being judged, of right and wrong doing, beyond performance or expectation, beyond conditioned thoughts that inhibit our freedom of expression.

The Heart’s Voice emerges naturally and effortlessly ! ! !
And so, there is absolutely no need to be a singer or a musician in the traditional sense of these terms in order to express it.

You just have to listen to silence, sense its presence, its lifepulse, then follow the breath as it reveals to you a melody, a rhythm, a spontaneous song and discover the resonance of the Heart’s Voice within you: the vibration of your essence. In this way, you can undergo a profound experience of Self-discovery.

Come sing, harmonize and improvise in the here and now from this place of conscious awareness of the Heart’s Voice, this sacred space within you where the flow of life (and creation) is infinite and effortless.

Come listen as the Heart’s Voice sings within you, and create a new world that resonates in harmony with Life.



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